National Cycle Hand Deflectors

I like to be able to ride when the weather’s not optimum, so my “touring” bike has a fairing, which blocks most of the wind, rain, snow, whatever. But it does not protect my hands. In fact, the fairing seems to channel all the bad weather right at my hands. 🙁
This fall I decided to try a set of National Cycle Hand Deflectors.
The Hand Deflectors installed in about ten minutes, bolted right on to the bike, and don’t look too hideous at all. They work very well. Riding to work on a sub-freezing day I could actually feel the warmth from my heated grips and heated gloves (yes, I have both). In the past I honestly could not feel the warmth very much, but now I can turn the heat down a bit and my fingers aren’t semi-frozen at the end of my hour-long commute.
Two thumbs up for the National Cycle Hand Deflectors! 😀

Find Them Here !!!

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