Motorcycles and Scooters ride Smooth with Counteract or Dyna Beads

Dyna Beads and Counteract Balancing Beads for motorcycles.

Dyna Beads Dynamic Balancing

Dyna Beads Dynamic Balancing SolutionWheel weights have been around for many years, but are no longer the only solution for your motorcycle. No need to add large ugly weights to your cycle wheels. The way this is done is with a Dynamic Balancing Solution, a high-density ceramic bead that continuously balances your tires as you ride. The amount of material will distribute itself in weight and position dependent on the balance requirements of the tire. The result is a smooth, vibration-free ride, derived from balancing media that is always repositioning itself as the tire wears. Plus you will get the highest possible tire mileage by using dyna beads.

You simply won't believe the ride...

  • Glass smooth ride, every time, all the time.
  • Dramatically longer tire life
  • No rebalancing
  • No spoke or rim weights
  • Eliminates tire cupping

Dyna Beads dynamically balance tires on the move, resulting in a smoother ride, and one that lasts the life of the tire. Dyna Beads are small ceramic spheres, high in density and perfectly smooth, that travel inside the tire to locate themselves opposite heavy points to eliminate out-of-balance motion.

Now Available Counteract Balancing Beads for Motorcycles

Counteract Balancing Beads Counteract Balancing Beads for motorcycles provide an automatic, readjusting, trouble-free, lifetime balance of the tire and complete wheel assembly for all wheel locations. When Counteract Balancing Beads are installed inside the tire the specially coated micro-spheres are distributed throughout the tire through centrifugal force as the wheel rotates. As the force of the out-of-balance spot increases and pulls the suspension in an up and down motion, the inertia causes the beads to move in the opposite direction and rapidly shift until complete wheel assembly is balanced.