Don’t Let This Happen To You

It’s the first nice, springy day. The snow is gone, the birds are singing, and you just can’t wait to take your motorcycle out for the first ride of the season.

You open the garage, push the snow blower out of the way, and back your bike out into the sunshine. You turn the key to “on,” and push the starter button. “RR!” says your bike. “RR! Rr. rr. clickclickclickclick…click.” Silence, right now, is anything but golden. Your battery has transformed into a ten-pound rock.

The best thing you could do right now is to take the battery out of your bike and bring it over to Bikes Built Better. We’ll charge your battery up using a computer-controlled charger (Battery Tender) that will bring it up to snuff without blowing its brains out. We’ll also test it and let you know if you’re good to go, or if you might want to replace the battery for the rest of the season. What’s all that cost? Nothing!

We stock high-quality batteries for most motorcycles. AGM batteries (also known, erroneously, as gel batteries) are our favorites for their big cranking amps and long life. For some bikes AGM batteries are not available, and for them we carry top-quality conventional batteries from manufacturers like Yuasa. Most of our conventional batteries are sealed, which means you don’t have to add water.

But wait, there’s more! We also carry Battery Tenders, both the Plus and the Junior. These computerized chargers are specifically designed to be attached to a motorcycle battery, where they will bring the battery up to optimum charge and then keep it there…indefinitely. You hook it up, plug it in, and leave it. All day, all night, all winter. We’ve got batteries, kept on Battery Tenders whenever the bike’s not being ridden, that are seven years old and still going strong. Just think…if you had spent $33.95 on a Battery Tender Jr last fall you would be out riding right now, not waiting for word on whether your battery will make it for another year.

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