Winter Sucks For Motorcycles Make It Graet

This winter, do something nice for your best friend your motorcycle.

Winter sucks. It’s dark, it’s cold, and you have to spend way too much money on Christmas presents for people you don’t even see all year long.

This winter, do something nice for your best friend—your motorcycle. Wouldn’t your bike love a new set of exhaust pipes, or a comfy new seat? Perhaps a sexy new pair of imported shoes…we have some lovely new “sneakers” from Metzeler we’re sure she’ll love. Or even a day at the spa…a thorough detailing can literally make a bike look years younger. Or if you really, really love your bike, a gorgeous new paint job will make you and your friends think you’re stepping out with a whole new ride.

Funny how spending money on your riding buddy can make her—and you—feel so good

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