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Ape Bars fit on a 2008 FLSTSB Cross Bones

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Ape Bars fit on a 2008 FLSTSB Cross Bones

Post by webuser » Tue Mar 31, 2009 7:55 am

Would Part #40-5156 Ape Bars fit on a 2008 FLSTSB Cross Bones ?

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Re: Ape Bars fit on a 2008 FLSTSB Cross Bones

Post by Steffridesabuell » Tue Mar 31, 2009 7:59 am

Sorry, John, but the 40-5156 14" black 1-1/4" apes will not fit on a 2008 Crossbones. The Crossbones has a springer fork, and the risers are farther apart than they would be on a bike with telescopic forks. That wouldn't be a problem on a 1" handlebar; (though you would see some of the knurling between the risers) but with a 1-1/4" bar like this the clamping area is machined down to 1" and it's only wide enough to accomodate a set of risers from a telescopic fork.
You could use the Wild 1 Chubby 12.5" black Springer apes ($224.95) or the
Wild 1 Chubby 16" black Springer apes ($239.95). You could also use the Bikers Choice 40-0187 12.5" chromed Springer apes ($165.95), and have them powder-coated. (We have a very good local powder coating shop.)
Another idea would be to use a kit that converts your bike to telescopic-width risers (about $225.00) and then replace your stock risers with 3" or 4" straight risers (about $50.00 to $100) then you could use those 14" Bikers Choice 1-1/4" 40-5156 apes. The conversion kit and risers could also be powder-coated black.
Once you get the riser thing resolved, you might need to extend the handlebar wiring harnesses and use a longer clutch cable, throttle cables, and brake line. Can't really tell about that stuff until you've got the handlebars on the bike, because the Crossbones has pretty wide handlebars and sometimes you can replace wide bars with high bars and get away without changing cables.

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