Antigravity Batteries Lithium-Ion Motorcycle Batteries

Antigravity Batteries offers the best in high-power, lightweight Lithium-Ion Motorcycle batteries, as well as batteries for Powersports Vehicles and Race Cars. Our motorcycle batteries are the perfect replacement battery for your heavy and toxic lead/acid battery and offer weight reduction of up to 80% while having over TWICE the power of a lead/acid battery! The benefit is much better starting as well as handling and performance increases. Available in OEM (stock) size, or our ultra-compact Small-Case models in 6 Volt, 12 Volt, and 16 Volt models.

Antigravity Batteries Lithium-Ion Motorcycle Batteries

Extremely compact, and lightweight batteries are what we originally became known for. “The smallest, lightest and most POWERFUL batteries” in the industry. But we offer much more than that including OEM size batteries as well as 6-Volt and 16-Volt Racing batteries. So no matter if you need a replacment motorcycle battery or a Mega-Powerful V-Twin Battery or a Race battery we have you covered with our extremely lightweight and high-power Lithium-Ion batteries.


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