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How to Lower your Harley Front Forks

Posted: Fri Jan 30, 2009 4:29 pm
by Steffridesabuell
The new Drop-In Fork Lowering Kit from Progressive Suspension, with applications for Dynas, Sportsters, Softails and FLs, will make you gladly forget everything you thought you knew about lowering a Harley-Davidson front end.

These kits let you drop that front end up to a full 2-inches, on most bikes doing it without the hassles of disassembling the forks or pulling the wheel.

In most cases only the fork caps have to be removed to complete the installation. Take those caps off, lift out the stock fork springs (if the bike has washers and/or spacers they come out, too), determine the correct PVC spacer for the bike you're lowering (there's a chart supplied with the kit) and with the forks fully extended insert the Drop-In Fork Spring, the Drop-In Compensation Spring, the supplied washer and that PVC spacer. That's it. Reinstall the fork cap and you're done. How's that for making a tough job easy? The Progressive Suspension Drop-In Fork Lowering Kits are available now, too.